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Tooth bleaching    

If you're satisfied with the general appearance of your teeth, but just want to make them whiter and brighter, bleaching may be right for you. An in-office visit makes sense if your teeth are sensitive or if you're in a rush for a big event. It's the equivalent of 2 or 3 weeks of at-home treatments. Tooth bleaching

Porcelain veneers ("laminates")

If your teeth are strong but slightly crooked, spaced, discolored, or irregular, these may improve them dramatically. You can also choose exactly how white your teeth will be.  Porcelain Veneers

Metal-free crowns and bridges

If your front teeth are weak from old fillings, a translucent crown that mimics the appearance of a real tooth much better than earlier capped teeth may be the answer. (We can also get rid of unsightly metal clasps in a partial denture.)


If your teeth are badly crooked, crowded or spaced, braces may solve the problem. Once used mainly on children, they're now popular with adults who want a better smile. (Yes, I can do clear porcelain braces.)  Orthodontics

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An implant is the closest thing presently available to a real tooth - it's permanent, rather than removable like a crown and bridge. It's completely tooth-colored, and has no visible metal.  Implants